I want to start off saying that I deeply appreciate each and every one of you that have taken your time to read Daniel’s story.

Some of you may have never heard of Daniel Holtzclaw or even had the opportunity to meet him before you saw the national televised verdict on December 10th, 2015. Not only was it his birthday but it is a day so many people will never forget.

My mission is to get his story told to anyone and everyone that is willingly to hear his story!

Not only for people to hear his story but also for the awareness how critical it is for Police Officers to have Dash Cams, Body Cams and Audio Recorders attached to each and every officer on the streets.

Daniel and I came from a background where both our parents were Police Officers. My parents met while our mother was a Japanese Police Officer in Japan while our Father served 20 Years as a Police Officer in the Air Force during his assignment at Yokota AFB, Japan and continued once he retired to become a civilian Police Officer, serving 18 years and now as a Lieutenant. Daniel could have majored in any field in college but he chose the field where he had a passion, he earned his Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice.

With that being said, we grew up respecting Police Officers.

I cannot stress this enough but I strongly believe that it is just as important that Police Officers are provided with Guns to protect them from harm as it just as important, if not even more, like in Daniel’s case, IT SHOULD BE A MANDATORY PART OF A POLICE UNIFORM AND PATROL CAR to have Dash Cams, Body Cams and Audio Recorders to protect Officers from any allegations whether it is verbal or physical altercations.

What is going to prevent this from happening again to another Police Officer that is serving your community? What is going to prevent this from happening to someone you love, your sister, your brother, your son? In Daniel’s case, it boiled down to She Said vs He Said.    A sheer number of accusers vs Police Officer’s Word.


Daniel was Presumed Guilty

  • Since the very first day that it made Late Breaking News on August 22nd, 2014 he was first held on a 5 Million Dollar Bond.
  • The Chief of Police and District Attorney David Prater spoke to the media on the day of his arrest that Daniel was Guilty before his day in court.
  • Also, Daniel’s termination letter from the Chief of Police was publically shared to all news channels in Oklahoma.



Daniel and I


Trust me, I have heard every possible negative thing that has been said about Daniel and I refuse to back down for what I truly believe in and that is Daniel’s innocence and that he did not receive a fair trial.

Some may say, “She’s in Denial, She is his sister.”

Let me clarify, I AM NOT IN DENIAL.

This case is not as clear cut as many people may think.

Also, most people have only made their judgement based on only what the media has provided.

I have read every Discovery (Hundreds and Hundreds of pages of reports), listened to all the Audio and watched the video interrogations provided by the State.
(Some Audio/Video Interrogations “were not recorded” by the detectives)

I sat in for the Preliminary Hearing and I also sat in every single day for the almost 6 week Trial.

So I heard every testimony given by the accusers. I heard the differences of the accuser’s testimony changing from when they first told in their Interrogation Audio/Video, to Preliminary Hearing to what they told the Jury during Trial.

While you read the following below, keep in mind, allegedly Daniel raped and sexually assaulted 3 women on his last shift within a 6 hour time frame before being brought into interrogation.

Daniel NEVER refused to cooperate with both Detective Kim Davis and Detective Rocky Gregory.

Willingly gave an almost 2 hour recorded Interrogation with both detectives without requesting an attorney.

Detectives NEVER once searched his Phone, Personal Vehicle or House

Daniel Holtzclaw offered and wanted to take a polygraph test.

Daniel Holtzclaw NEVER once denied having contact with the accusers and in virtually all of the incidents he radioed in his location and identified each female as he ran their info through various databases.

So let me go over what you just read… and let me emphasize as well why I am furious about this investigation and interrogation.

If Daniel allegedly raped and assaulted THREE women as the detectives believe, do you think Daniel would have cooperated with the detectives immediately after they brought him into question? Do you think he would just willingly interview with two Sexual Assault Detectives and not even ask for an attorney? Do you think Daniel would have signed over all his rights for the detectives to search his phone, car and house right then? For detectives to take his DNA? Also, do you think he would have offered to take a polygraph test?

Daniel cooperated 100% with the detectives. Not one time did he ask for an attorney. He repeatedly told them over the course of the 2 hour interrogation video the SAME EXACT story, NEVER changed it once as to the stop of Jannie Ligons on June 18th, 2014. Daniel even signed the search waiver for the detectives to search his house, car, phone and also offered to take the polygraph test.

Also, during the Interrogation the detectives asked Daniel if he was wearing the same uniform he had on from his last shift and he told them Yes but not the same underwear, so they asked for him to take off his Uniform Pants and Uniform Shirt, YET, NEVER asked for his underwear.


Ok, lets play Devil’s advocate….

So do you think the detectives really believed he didn’t have the same underwear on? Did the detectives really believe he was telling the truth about his underwear so they didn’t care to ask for them but didn’t believe him on ANYTHING else in the interrogation regarding the sexual assault? Why didn’t they search his house to look for his underwear or to even test his other pants???

Remember, Daniel signed his rights over during the interrogation for them to do so, so why did they not search his house for the underwear? Why did they not go check his other underwear that were not even washed yet? Wouldn’t you want to investigate further and cover every possibility? DETECTIVES NEVER ONCE CHECKED HIS HOUSE.

If they truly believed Daniel was this “serial rapist”, why didn’t the detectives or the Police Department put undercover cameras and place audio recording devices into his vehicle and have detectives follow him and catch him in action using an undercover Black Woman?

Daniel had a serious girlfriend of almost 5 years, in which 3 of the years was while he was in college in Michigan and once he decided to move to Oklahoma City to pursue being a police officer, they moved down to Oklahoma City. She was with Daniel 2 of the 3 years Daniel was a police officer. Why did they not even question her since she was with him 2 of the 3 years he was on patrol? THEY NEVER QUESTIONED HER ONE TIME.

While Daniel was being interrogated, Detective Kim Davis called Daniel’s girlfriend and had a less than 5 minute phone conversation regarding Daniel asking if she had sex with Daniel. Now tell me this, if you were in the gym working out and someone randomly called you and asked if you had sex with your boyfriend/girlfriend would you just indulge that information to an unknown person over the phone??? In fact, that ONE phone conversation was the only communication the detectives ever had with Daniel’s girlfriend. Why did they not question her other than that one time to ask her for any questions regarding Daniel, his behavior or their relationship?

I still remain in close contact with them and both still to this very day believes in Daniel’s innocence.

Why did they not question any other race? If the theory stands that Daniel “targeted” women with Drugs, Prostitution and Arrest History because no one would believe someone with their past, then why did the Lieutenant profile Daniel and the detectives only question Black women?

After interviewing the Accusers, why did they not question Daniel about each accuser? THEY ONLY QUESTIONED DANIEL ON ONE ACCUSER.


Why do I say that GPS does not mean a sexual assault happened? GPS only confirms someone’s location or route. GPS does not confirm that a sexual assault happened. Daniel never once denied having contact with any of the accusers. He did call in and identified the women he stopped and checked their background for warrants. This was the area he patrolled. He didn’t choose this specific area to patrol. The prosecutors/detectives used “GPS” as their ONLY evidence that a sexual assault occurred. What is going to prevent that from happening to another officer that is accused of sexual assault?

Keep in mind, Only ONE Accuser came forward and the other 12 were sought out by the Detectives stating, “We have a “tip” you were sexually assaulted by a Police Officer.”


If you read the page “Trial” that I listed all the differences of their testimony, Accuser #1 (Jannie Ligons) is the only one that came forward immediately after the alleged assault. She reported it within an hour from when she was pulled over. Went to the hospital to do a SANE test. Her Sane test came back with NO DNA, CSI checked Daniel’s vehicle for any DNA and also fingerprints on the top of the vehicle as she stated she placed both of her hands on top of the vehicle while Daniel searched her and she stated Daniel put his hands on top of the vehicle while she allegedly performed oral sex. CSI found NO DNA and NO FINGERPRINTS of Daniel or Jannie Ligons.

Also, another thing we are having a hard time understanding is how could her alibi, both her fiancé, daughter and cousin told THREE different stories during Trial.

1) Under Oath, her fiancé of 20 years told in court that she called him hysterical after ALLEGEDLY being assaulted that he met her outside of the house and when he did go outside he could tell something was wrong.


2) Under Oath, her daughter that she lives with testified that she was awake when her mom came home and that her mother’s fiancé was still asleep and did not wake up until after she came into the house and heard the daughter hitting the wall.

3) Under Oath, the woman’s cousin said that Daniel made her get “completely naked” at the traffic stop.

If the sexual allegations did really happen between Daniel and Jannie Ligons, why would all 3 witnesses, the Daugher, Fiance of 20 years and cousin all have different stories? Her alibi do not match hers let alone NO DNA or fingerprints to confirm her story. So what evidence do they have to put a man in jail for 21 Years?

Daniel received 21 Years for this alleged assault.

Daniel also received the most # of charges and the most years (62 Years) for the Accuser #8, Sherry Ellis, that said the Officer that raped her was “Short and Black”. She could not identify him in the courtroom during Preliminary Hearing yet her accusations made it to trial. My question is how can you put a man in jail when their account of the person who allegedly raped her is a “short, Black Man? Daniel is 6’2 White and Japanese.

Another one that I am not understanding is how Daniel received 21 Years for the Accuser #6, R.G.

She is the one that stated Daniel allegedly made her perform Oral sex in her bedroom and then raped her minutes later. They charged him for the Oral Sex but NOT the Rape. Yet, when CSI searched the room, they found TWO other male DNAs, none of which were Daniel’s.

Can you please help me understand that?

How about this one….

The SKIN DNA that was found on Daniel’s pants were that of the 17 Year Old’s, Accuser #13, A.G. She was the FIRST of the THREE assaults that Daniel allegedly Raped and Sexually Assaulted within a 6 Hour Time frame before being brought into questioning by the Detectives. Keep in mind, the DNA Analyst spoke of the SKIN DNA and said that it could have easily been a secondary transfer. The question is this, if Daniel allegedly raped and assaulted these women right after each other, where are the 2 other women’s DNA that he raped and sexually assaulted? Where is Daniel’s DNA?

Daniel was charged for the First Accuser (#1) and Third Accuser (#13) but not for the accuser in between the two (#12) of the assaults that happened within the 6 hour time frame. (All on one shift)




Not a single day goes by that I wonder if any of YOU, the 12 jurors think about Daniel?

Do you think about the case? Did you hear two weeks ago of the Unknown Male DNA (not Daniel’s) that was found mixed with the female DNA that the prosecutors FAILED to disclose to you or to the defense team? Would that have changed the verdict? I wonder if any of you will come forward even anonymously to Daniel’s attorney. If so, when?

I wonder if each of you truly understood what “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt” means. I wonder how you guys decided 18 guilty 18 non guilty. Was that truly a coincidence?! What direct evidence proved Daniel ever sexually assaulted any of the accusers? How did you determine one was lying and one was not?!

What happened to Beyond Reasonable Doubt? What happened to Innocent until Proven Guilty?

How about Jannie Ligons…. she is the only one who reported it and there was ZERO DNA found in her rape kit yet you guys gave him a 21 year sentence… what evidence??? Jannie’s daughter, fiancé, cousin and even Jannie herself testified to three different stories yet you believed her?

How about Sherry Ellis? She claimed the officer that raped her was a short Black Male. Daniel didn’t just jump out of the bushes, right?!? Daniel questioned them and spoke to each of them, asked for their information, searched them so how could you convict Daniel 62 years for her accusations of a short black male raping her?!? You guys gave more years on her than the accuser with the SKIN DNA found!!!! How???

Did you not see money signs in every single one of them? They had lawsuit before trial even started.

Why didn’t you hang the jury? A new selection of jurors could have been chosen. What happened in that 45 hours of deliberation?!

Do you not think it’s odd that the detectives didn’t ask Daniel for his underwear yet they were investigating a sexual assault? Don’t you think it’s odd the detectives never followed up with his girlfriend or past girlfriends to ask them if they saw any signs? Asked his family? Do you not think it’s wrong and misleading for detectives to approach these accusers and give them information on what they are investigating by stating “We have a tip you were sexually assaulted by a Police Officer”? Do you not think it’s odd that the detectives only questioned Black females. Why didn’t they question any other race? Don’t you think if the prosecutors theory is correct and Daniel used his position as a Police officer over people with warrants and drug users, don’t you think he would have raped any race?! They only questioned one race because OKCPD made this into a racial case!!! Daniel did NOT make this a racial case!!

Don’t you think it’s odd that the Prosecutors and OKCPD never tested for semen, vaginal, fluids or even Florescent light his pants for stains???? THEY WERE INVESTIGATING A SEXUAL ASSAULT.

Let’s even play devil’s advocate…. let’s say any of these allegations were consensual…. They all testified he didn’t use a condom (although one changed her story during trial and said he used a condom)…. don’t you think they would have come forward with all the DNA inside of them IF IT TRULY HAPPENED and claimed rape?!?

As I end my thoughts on this, if one of the jurors are reading this. I pray to God you come forward and tell Daniel’s attorney if you were pressured by the climate of both inside the courtroom or outside the courtroom, if you knew of the unknown male SKIN DNA (not Daniel’s) that was found and was told to you by the prosecutors it would have changed the verdict…or for whatever reason it may be I hope you make this wrong right.

Daniel has maintained his innocence since Day 1.

Don’t you think if Daniel was truly sexually assaulting people (13) and he got brought in for interrogation, you think he really would have just willingly gave a two hour interrogation to the detectives WITHOUT ASKING FOR AN ATTORNEY? You think he would have willingly given his pants over???
Daniel had absolutely nothing to hide!!!!!! He signed over his rights. The detectives could have searched his house, searched his phone, searched anything but did they? No.


Please bring our loving brother, son and uncle back home!!!

Jenny Holtzclaw