Breaking news 9/20/2016: UNKNOWN MALE DNA FOUND

THE LATEST BREAKING NEWS on Daniel’s case is that we discovered there was MALE DNA found in the mixture of TOUCH DNA (SKIN DNA) that was presented in trial. Our attorney requested an additional 90 day extension to file the appeal for further investigation on Touch DNA. This finding is extremely huge because the Prosecutor never once mentioned it in trial nor did the DNA expert for the Prosecutor. The biggest part of the case is that the Prosecutor/State did not test for Vaginal Fluids, Saliva, Semen or even Fluorescence the pants. They simply just swabbed for SKIN DNA, the most common DNA transferred. Touch DNA is also known as secondary transfer. They knew they were investigating for sexual assault but failed to test for any sexual content.

Like any other day, Daniel arrived to his briefing station at the Springlake Division June 18th, 2014 before he started his daily shift, 4 P.M to 2 A.M.

It was then that Daniel was pulled into questioning immediately.

Daniel Holtzclaw, 27 Years old was placed on Administrative leave on June 18th, 2014.

While you read the following below, keep in mind, allegedly Daniel raped and sexually assaulted 3 women on his last shift within a 6 hour time frame before being brought into interrogation.


NEVER refused to cooperate with both Detective Kim Davis and Detective Rocky Gregory.

Willingly gave an almost 2 hour recorded Interrogation with both detectives without requesting an attorney.

Signed a search waiver for Detectives to Search His House / His Phone.

Detectives NEVER once searched his Phone, Personal Vehicle or House

Daniel Holtzclaw offered and wanted to take a polygraph test.

Daniel Holtzclaw NEVER once denied having contact with the accusers and in virtually all of the incidents he radioed in his location and identified each female as he ran their info through various databases.


Accusers gave several inconsistent statements to police.

Accuser #2 (Shardayreon Hill) on VIDEO said,


Daniel Holtzclaw was charged with having improper contact with 13 accusers.

Jury convicted him of improper contact with 8.

Lead Private Investigator (PI) for defense on the case pointed out the following 8 points were just some of many obvious and bizarre missteps:

1.) Holtzclaw was confronted by two sex crimes detectives just hours after he allegedly assaulted 3 women. Even though they knew they were investigating a rape case, they took Holtzclaw’s complete uniform (giving him sweats to change into), but didn’t ask for his underwear.

2.) Detectives interrogating Holtzclaw never asked for his cell phone or to search his apartment or personal vehicle. No search warrant for those items was ever submitted either.

3.) Detectives never asked for his extra uniform pants so they could be tested.

4.) When OCPD turned over Holtzclaw’s uniform pants to their DNA lab, the lab was told they were investigating an oral sodomy case (Jannie Ligons). For whatever reason, the DNA lab did NOT test the pants for saliva or semen. They also only tested for skin cells and only tested the fly (inside and out), never fluoresced the pants and never tried to locate DNA in other areas or in areas that would support (or possibly eliminate) secondary transfer.

5.) As mentioned earlier, it was never explained why police immediately created Holtzclaw’s ‘Victim Profile’ as black females, with criminal records and a drug and/or prostitution history.

6.) Detectives immediately disclosed to profiled victims, and even their friends and family, that they believed they were a victim of a sexual assault by a police officer they had contact with. I personally would think it would have made more sense to have been far more general in the initial meeting with profiled victims so as not to influence their answers. Especially since the allegations against Holtzclaw and his face had been plastered all over the news and Internet before many of these interviews took place.

7.) Many of the interviews with suspected victims were not audio or video recorded. The significance in that is that often the written report of the interview and the recording (if available) did not match in critical areas. For instance, in one audio recording the accuser denies 5 times being a victim and clearly has no idea what detectives are talking about. After being given information as to the allegations against Holtzclaw the woman then changes her story and also claims to have been victimized. Those denials were never documented in the official police report and the detective (Rocky Gregory) claimed he did not think it was important.

8.) One accuser claimed to have been assaulted by a police officer and claimed the assault took place in downtown OKC by the City Rescue. She could not identify Holtzclaw as her attacker in a photo lineup. Detectives then asked her if she may have actually been approached at Liberty Station Apts. (nowhere near Downtown OKC) and if the police officer first stopped her and asked her if she had drugs on her and possibly had her expose herself. She denied that scenario – but later called detectives back and claimed that’s exactly what happened.

Why did they not question any other race? If the theory stands that Daniel “targeted” women with Drugs, Prostitution and Arrest History because no one would believe someone with their past, then why did the Lieutenant profile Daniel and the detectives only question Black women?

So why did the Lieutenant profile Daniel to target Black Women and Detectives only questioned Black Women?
Daniel arrested and interacted with women of all race (White, Caucasian, Hispanics, Asians)

Is this a fair investigation?


As of trial, during testimony and investigation, at least 6 of the accuser do in fact know each other. Some grew up with each other, one was the other accuser’s “house cleaner” and some encountered each other in jail.

Accuser #1 Testimony
Jannie Ligons 58 Year Old Black Female – JUNE 18th, 2014 2:00AM


On 6-18-2014, Detective Davis received a call-out involving a victim making the allegation of being sexually assaulted by an Oklahoma City Police Officer.
Detective Davis responded to the hospital and interviewed Jannie Ligons. She disclosed she was stopped at N.W. 50th and Lincoln in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She said the officer made her sit in the back seat of his patrol car. She stated during her contact with the officer he made her lift up her shirt and expose her breasts. He made her pull down her pants she said the officer took his penis out of his zipper and made her put it in her mouth. The victim submitted to a SANE EXAM.



Jannie claims she was playing dominoes at her friends house before leaving to head home before being pulled over by Officer Holtzclaw. She claims he said he pulled her over because she was swerving then he asked what did I have in my cup and if it was alcohol. She said she told him it was Kool-Aid. She said that Daniel asked her why she was nervous. She said she was not nervous then states she took a PM Aspirin (Sleep Aid) before leaving her friend’s house. She claims she drove to her daughter’s house after the assault. No phone calls made before arriving to daughter’s house

Question by Prosecutor: Okay. Did you drink?

Answer: “No, sir. Kool-Aid, had Kool-Aid.

Question by Prosecutor: Had some Kool-Aid. Did you smoke any marijuana?

Answer: “Well, actually I don’t want to lie I don’t smoke marijuana, but my friend had a joint and I just like hit it once and that was it. I really don’t smoke it, yeah.”

Question by Prosecutor: How did he search you?

Answer: “I had my hands on the car and he just started patting me all over and said, do you have anything illegal on you”

She then sits back in the police car while he searched her car.

Question by Prosecutor: Is he standing beside you?

Answer: “He’s standing beside the car, yeah, looking in. He said, how do I know you don’t have anything in your bra.

Question by Prosecutor: What did you say?

Answer: “And I started making motions with — like picking with my bra, I said, “No sir, I don’t have anything in my bra.” And he said, I can’t tell like that and I’m like, what, you want me to lift up my blouse. And he be like, yes. So I lift up my — when I lift up my blouse and my bra came up he took his flashlight and shined it on my chest and I put my blouse down really quick.

Question by Prosecutor: Okay. So your decision to go ahead and pull your shirt up, your blouse up?

Answer: “Uh-huh”

Question by Prosecutor: Had he just asked one time about your bra and that’s — is your response is I’ll just do that or had he asked more than one time or tell me exactly how that happened?

Answer: “No. He asked one time for me to lift my shirt up and I — you know, being a police officer that’s what I did”

Question by Prosecutor: So he told you to lift your shirt up?

Answer: “Yes”

Question by Prosecutor: Okay. And when you did that you say that your bra came up as well?

Answer: “It basically it kind of — I just kind of lifted and it came up like that and he shined his light and I put it down.”

Question by Prosecutor: Okay. At that point what happened?

Answer: “I got out of his car. And so I started fidgeting with my pants. And he like, he can’t tell like that. I said, what, you want me to pull my pants down and he said something like yes. So me not know I pulled my pants down and when I pulled them down I pulled them down to my knee and I had on black underwear and I kind of was fidgeting with them and he had his flashlight and was kind of shining it between my legs and I pulled them up really fast and I turned around to get back in.”

Question by Prosecutor: You got back in the car?

Answer: “Correct. Yeah. After he — he made a comment like he said, damn, you got a big ass. Those are the exact words. And I’m like, oh, my God, he’s going to kill me. That’s what I kept saying to myself.

Question by Prosecutor: And then what happened then, ma’am?

Answer: “After then, because he said he wasn’t going to shoot me, promise. I tried to hold my head back down and touch his penis, which I did a little bit, but I was so afraid. I held my head back up and I said, “Oh, no, sir, I can’t do this.” He backed away and he let me out the car.”

Question by Prosecutor: Ms. Ligons, before he backed away I know you said a moment ago you did. Did his penis go in your mouth?

Answer: “It did a little bit, a little bit, not much, but it went in there.”

Question by Prosecutor: Not for very long?

Answer: “Not for very long because I wouldn’t allow it.”

Question by Prosecutor: What happened at this point, ma’am?

Answer: He backs up, I get out the police car and I didn’t know what else to say. The only thing that would come to my mind because I thought when I walked away he was going to shoot me in the back. The only thing I could say, was Thank you sir. Thank you, sir, for not taking me to jail.”

When she gets to her daughter’s house she NEVER mentions anything about her fiancé being at the house when she got home. Story changes at Trial


Jannie Ligons, 58 Years old, the only accuser that reported the incident. The other 12 were sought out by the Detectives stating, “We have a tip you were sexually assaulted by a Police Officer.”

Jannie Ligons said she lives with her fiancé of 20 years at her daughter’s house.

1) Under Oath, her fiancé of 20 years told in court that she called him hysterical after ALLEGEDLY being assaulted that he would meet her outside of the house and when he did go outside he could tell something was wrong.


2) Under Oath, her daughter that she lives with testified that she was awake when her mom came home and that her mother’s fiancé was still asleep and did not wake up until after she came into the house.

3) Under Oath, the woman’s cousin said that Daniel made her get “completely naked” at the traffic stop.

“The prosecution admitted that they immediately created a profile of Holtzclaw’s victims after only Ligons’ complaint – Black females, with criminal records with a history or drugs and/or prostitution. Yet, Jannie Ligons herself didn’t even fit that profile. Detectives never went out and sought any non-black victims. Even though many people Holtzclaw came into contact with were not black and had criminal records, drug addictions and engaged in prostitution. They never had an answer for that.” (PI)

If the sexual allegations did really happen between Daniel and Jannie Ligons, why would all 3 witnesses, the Daughter, Fiance of 20 years and cousin all have different stories of how she approached them after the alleged sexual assault?

CSI Examined Daniel’s police car for fingerprints on the vehicle as she stated both her hands and Daniel’s hands were placed ontop of the vehicle.

CSI testified NO FINGERPRINTS WERE FOUND anywhere on the outside of the vehicle also NO DNA WAS FOUND IN THE VEHICLE


Count 15 – Procuring Lewd Exhibition, Guilty 5 Years
Count 16 – Forcible Oral Sodomy, Guilty 16 Years

Total: 21 Years

Accuser #2 Testimony
Shardayreon Hill, 23 Years old, Black Female
7 Time Convicted Felon


Accuser #2 (Shardayreon Hill) on VIDEO said,



During Preliminary hearing she testified she was sitting in an unknown male’s truck smoking PCP with her cousin when she was approached by two officers (one being Daniel Holtzclaw). Before the officers pulled up to the vehicle, the unknown man poured the PCP on Shardayreon. Daniel requested a female officer to come search Shardayreon. The female officer found PCP vial and put it on the back of the cop car in which Shardayreon leaned over and sucked the vial into her mouth crushing the glass with PCP. She was immediately rushed into an ambulance and brought to Southwest Medical Center. Her heartrate was so high the Paramedics did not believe she was going to make it to the hospital. Once she arrived, they immediately undressed her and showered her to wash any PCP off her body. Because of the severity of the drug PCP, Shardayreon was hooked up to heartrate monitors.

Shardayreon claims Daniel told her, “Make sure I stayed back and don’t raise too much or make too much movement because the heart monitor would go off and they would come in.”

She claims in the hospital room while the door is open, Daniel did the following:

  • Touched her breasts, multiple times over her gown
  • Claims Daniel took his Gun Belt completely off and sets it on the chair to the right of the bed
  • Pulls his pants down, exposing his genital area
  • Makes her perform oral sex
  • Daniel stuck his fingers inside of her

When asked how long did the oral sex last, her reply, “About, it wasn’t that long because what turned me off like, just had me disgusted was because he was saying, he was like ha ha, you’ve never sucked a white dick before.”

When Doctors released her, Daniel took her to jail. When asked by the nurse while being booked into jail asked several questions. One being, “Were you sexually assaulted in the last 24 Hours,” she said, “No.”

When asked how long she was high for, she responded, “I was actually still high after I got out (of jail). I was in there for five days. I was still like.. I could tell I wasn’t my normal self.”

She said when she spoke to detective, she had already seen Daniel’s arrest in the media


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Count 21 – Sexual Battery, Not Guilty
Count 22 – Sexual Battery, Not Guilty
Count 23 – Sexual Battery, Not Guilty
Count 24 – Forcible Oral Sodomy, Not Guilty
Count 25 – Rape in the Second Degree by Instrumentation, Not Guilty
Count 26 – Indecent Exposure, Not Guilty

“Most of the potential victims that were approached were told they suspected they were the victim of a sexual assault by an Oklahoma City Police Officer they had recently come into contact with. They even told this to any family member, loved-one or acquaintance of a potential victim they came into contact with. Considering Daniel’s face had already been all over the news and so had the allegations, I believe this unnecessarily presented the opportunity for false accusations.” (PI)

Accuser #3 Testimony
C.R., 45 Year Old, Black Female, 3/14/2014
Arrest for Prostitution


Detective Report: Detective Gregory stated “I advised C.R. I had a possible “tip” that maybe she was the victim of a sexual assault.”

C.R. stated the defendant stopped her near NE 16th St. and Fonshill Ave, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The defendant had C.R. expose her breasts to him. The defendant let her go.

Detective Report “C.R. advised she raised her shirt because that was what he wanted. She felt like she had to expose her breasts to him. C.R. advised she did it to make the stop go quicker to not be seen talking to a cop and labeled a snitch.”


Question by Prosecutor: Did you expose your breasts whenever you did that?
Answer: “Yes.”

Question by Prosecutor: Was that something that you felt you had to do?
Answer: “Yes.”

Question by Prosecutor: Why?
Answer: “Because he kept asking me talking about making sure that I didn’t have anything on me and I was ready to get away from him.”


“When Det. Gregory approached accuser Raines at her home and asked her is she had been a victim of an officer she had recently come into contact with she is clearly heard on the audio tape to say ‘no.’ In fact, she stated she had only come into contact with one officer in the last year or so (Daniel) and that nothing happened. Det. Gregory started giving her some details of the assaults. Raines begins asking probing questions like if it was a real police officer or just a person pretending to be. Raines then clearly states five times that nothing inappropriate has ever happened when she has come into contact with a police officer. Det. Gregory then tells her this officer is a ‘really bad guy’ and there are ‘lots of victims.’ Det. Gregory then specifically asks Raines if a police officer had her expose herself. Raines is clearly heard to say, ‘I know what you’re talking about, I know where you’re going’ (paraphrasing). She then claims that the only officer she has come into contact with in the last year (Daniel) did exactly what Det. Gregory spoon fed her…. approached her about drugs and had her expose herself.” (PI)


Count 2 – Procuring Lewd Exhibition, Not Guilty

Accuser #4 Testimony
T.B., 41 Year Old, Black Female, 2/27/2014
Convicted Felon


Detective Report: “I met with Tabitha at her residence. I introduced myself and advised that I had a “tip” that that maybe she had been the victim of an unreported sexual assault.”

Started 2nd Audio Interview “This is Detective Gregory with OKCPD with Tabitha Banks” she corrects him and said “Tabitha Barnes” he responds back, “I’m Sorry too many names, I apologize”.

Detective Report: While T.B. sat in the backseat with her feet inside of the car she said she moved her pants out

Accuser T.B advised the defendant harassed her on various occasions. The investigation revealed on 2/27/14 the defendant conducted a traffic stop on T.B. at 1530 NE 15th, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He placed T.B. in the backseat of his patrol car. The defendant made the victim expose her breasts.

In audio interview:

T.B. “I raised my shirt up”

Detective Gregory “Did he tell you to raise your shirt up”

T.B. “uh huh, Yes”

Detective Gregory “Let me ask you this Tabitha, did you go to your belly or did you automatically go up”

T.B. “Automatically”

The defendant touched both bare breasts with his hands. T.B. had city warrants and he advised her to “play by his rules” and he would help her. T.B. was released that day.

2/27/14 at 2212 hours Report of Burglary 2. Case # 14-016317, Report also with AR Rodney Lee

Second Incident:

On 3/25/14 the defendant returned to 1530 NE. 15th. Victim T.B. arrived and he made her get into his patrol car. The defendant made T.B. expose her breasts to him again.

Tabitha stated she had Black leggings and no bra or panties on

The defendant did not touch her on this occasion. The defendant let her go.


Question by Prosecutor: Okay. So you pulled your shirt up and then what happened at that point?
Answer: “He looked at them, at my breasts”

Question by Prosecutor: Okay. Did he touch you?
Answer: “He asked me was anything under there (her breasts) and I said, No. He lift my breasts up and looked and he said, “I’m going to let you get out and go in with your kids.”


Tested high for PCP within hours of testifying

Click to View News Report of Accuser Testing positive for PCP

What she stated in her recorded interview in August 2014 and what she said during the Preliminary hearing is completely different than what she testified during Trial.

1) She admitted not ONE time did Daniel ask to see her breast but instead she “thought” that is what Daniel wanted her to do so she lifted her own shirt willingly and exposed her breast as she claims.

It was not until Daniel’s attorney pointed it to her attention that she was asked 5 different times if an officer had ever been inappropriate with her she clearly stated “No”, “Nothing ever inappropriate” etc and it was NOT UNTIL as KFOR stated below “she only brought up the alleged assault AFTER the detective told her the investigation of Holtzclaw”

She didn’t recall ever saying that so we played the interview for her to “refresh” her mind. The courtroom listened to the 27 min audio she had with the Detective.

2) During the recorded interview she recalled Daniel was “Dark skinned”

3) She said during prelim and her recorded interview that Daniel pat searched her down, not once did she mention that today while she testified

4) She doesn’t “recall” having a PENDING LAWSUIT against Daniel and Oklahoma City when Daniel’s attorney showed her the civil suit she opened.

Update “Victim # 4 & Victim #5 do indeed know each other.


Count 1 – Sexual Battery, Guilty 8 Years
Count 3 – Burglary in the First Degree, Not Guilty
Count 4 – Procuring Lewd Exhibition, Guilty 5 Years
Count 5 – Procuring Lewd Exhibition, Guilty 5 Years
Count 6 – Stalking, Not Guilty

Total: 18 Years

Accuser #5 Testimony
F.M., 54 Year Old, Black Female, 4/14/14
7 Prior Felony Convictions


Report: Kim Davis stated

“I told F.M. I had received a “tip” that she may have been sexually assaulted by and Oklahoma City Police Officer.”

F.M. stated she was walking in the area of N.E. 18th and Kate Ave in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma when she was stopped by the above named defendant. She does not remember the day it happened. She was under the influence of alcohol and crack cocaine when the incident occurred. She was sitting on the curb when the defendant told her to get up from the curb. He tried to help her up by pulling on her hand. She said she pulled her hand away. She had previously had surgery on her left hand and when he grabbed her hand it hurt. She told him she could get up by herself”

She stated the officer fondled her breasts on the outside of her clothing during the contact and then let her go.

Report: During interview, Detective Holman asked if she had seen this officer prior to this contact. She said the same officer has stopped her before. She said he had a female officer come over and search her.


Claims she was walking home on 16th and Kate when she was stopped by Officer Holtzclaw

Question by Prosecutor: Had you been drinking that day?

Answer: “Yes, ma’am”

Question by Prosecutor: Had you been smoking crack?

Answer: “Yes, ma’am”

Officer Holtzclaw put her in cuffs and told her to sit on the curb. He then told her to take everything out of her pockets.

Question by Prosecutor: Did you have anything illegal on you?

Answer: “I had a crack pipe”

Question by Prosecutor: What did he do after he found that crack pipe?

Answer: “With me just having the city warrants he told me that I was free to go and he crushed the pipe.(Threw it on the ground)”

She claims when he took the cuffs off Daniel grabbed her right breast with one hand on the top of her clothes.


“Victim” #5 stayed at “Victim” #4 house and smoked crack cocaine together and admitted she is the “house cleaner” of #4 and gets paid in “cash”.

“Victim” #5 had prior felony convictions that would require her to serve 20 to life as a minimum but the DA worked a deal for her to serve 2 in 2 out.
(Is the DA office working deals for her to testify?!)

Daniel Holtzclaw did run her on the Varuna and CIU on 3/25/14 & 4/14/14

“Accuser Mathis told detectives that her attacker was the same police officer that had previously stopped her. Mathis was certain it was the same officer and that this officer also had a female officer come to the scene to search her. Detectives knew Mathis’ statements were untrue. It was a different officer that had stopped Mathis previously and there was no record of a female being called to the scene. Detectives also knew Mathis was the housekeeper for accuser Barnes and common sense tells you she most likely spoke to barnes about this case but didn’t know which officer to pin it on – all she knew was what detectives were telling everyone – that it was an officer they had recently come into contact with.” (PI)


Count 7 – Sexual Battery, Not Guilty

Accuser #6 Testimony
R.G., 38 Year Old, Black Female, Incident April 24th, 2014
6 Prior Felony Convictions



R.G. stated that Officer Holtzclaw approached her while she was walking down 14th and Jordan. He asked her what she was doing and asked her to search her purse. He found a crack pipe and told her to smash it (throw it on the ground), so she did. She said then he offered her a ride back to her house. Since she didn’t have ID to confirm her address, Daniel walked with her to the door to verify she did indeed live there. She claims while she was showing him the house while they were in her bedroom, she stated Daniel told her to sit down on her bed.

Question by Prosecutor: What had you been doing in Northeast 14th and Jordan that day?

Answer: “I had been relapsing and getting high off of cocaine.”

Question by Prosecutor: And he told you to have a seat? Where did he tell you to have a seat?

Answer: “On my bed.”

Question by Prosecutor: How long did it last?

Answer: “Roughly, about maybe 10 minutes because then he wanted to have sex at that point, so he told me to lay back and”

Question by Prosecutor: So did you lay back on the bed that you were sitting on?

Answer: “Yes”

Question by Prosecutor: Whenever he put his penis in your mouth, Ms. Grate, did he ejaculate?

Answer: “Inside of my mouth, no.”

Question by Prosecutor: Whenever he put his penis inside your vagina, did he ejaculate at that time?

Answer: “I want to say that he did because afterwards when I wiped, I wasn’t forsure because I’m you know, I just, I wasn’t for sure because he didn’t make no sounds or nothing and I just wasn’t for sure. It just was, it was a real intense, but when I wiped later I believed that, you know, maybe precum I’m pretty sure, you know, there was some fluid transfer.

Question by Prosecutor: Okay, And how long did the sex last?

Answer: “I want to say probably another 10 minutes.”

She claims he immediately left right after. She the claims she wiped herself with a rag and threw it in the closet.

Question by Prosecutor: Did you tell anyone what had happened to you?

Answer: “I told my man when he came home because I had already, you know, we’d already been arguing and that was my reason, you know, that’s why I was there.”

She claims she told her father later on.

Question by Prosecutor: Did you call police that night?

Answer: “Because I was on, I’m in a drug program and I knew I was relapsing and as and I’m, you know, sell my, you know, sell my body, so I don’t know.”

NO DNA was found of Daniel’s but in fact 2 other male DNA was found on the chair, confirmed by DNA Analyst


She came down in her orange jumpsuit to testify

She admitted to Daniel she was a working prostitute and had “dates” all day (street terms meaning when someone pays her for sex acts)

She claims Daniel picked her up and took her to her house, followed her into the house and went upstairs in her bedroom and Daniel made her perform oral sex (she claims she wiped the saliva in her words “slimy” on the chair) and then Daniel allegedly made her lay down so he could have sex with her (keep in mind she said it was WITH HIS GUN BELT ON and his penis is out thru the zipper opening) and after wiped with a rag the “slimy stuff” off her vagina as she stated on a rag.

NO DNA was found of Daniel’s but in fact 2 other male DNA was found on the chair, confirmed by DNA Analyst

“Det. Davis testified and wrote in her report that victim Grate’s first words when they interviewed her (in jail) was that she was victimized by an officer. In reality, her first words were “are you the one’s who went by my daddy’s house and talked to him” (paraphrasing). Det. Davis had already expressed to Grate’s father that his daughter may be a victim of a sexual assault by a police officer. Grate spoke to her father, was aware of the media reports and this may have influenced her claims of assault. Daniel was convicted of one of the charges associated with Grate’s testimony (forcible oral sodomy) and acquitted of another (rape in the 1st).” (PI)


Count 8 – Forcible Oral Sodomy, Guilty 20 Years
Count 9 – Rape in the First Degree, Not Guilty

Total: 20 Years

Accuser #7 Testimony
R.C., 55 Year Old, Black Female. Incident April 25th, 2014
Convicted Felon

Daniel did call in the traffic stop. Daniel did advise dispatch he was 10-14 (transport) to an area near NE 23 and Miramar. Daniel also advised dispatch he was 10-97 (arrived) at the location where he followed her so she could drop her vehicle at her relative’s house.


Kim Davis called the number she had on file for R.C. but her sister answered and told her to tell R.C to call Kim back.
Kim Davis stated when she got ahold of R.C. that she told her she was investigating a case involving an OKCPD who had been inappropriate with women. They decided to conduct the rest of the interview in-person on October 13th, 2014.

R.C. said she is an alcoholic and has used crack cocaine and powder cocaine. She said she went to prison for Robbery. She received 25 years but only did 12 1/2 years and has been out of prison for the 13-14 Years.

She said she went to the parking lot to drink on N.E. 23rd and Highland.

She said she was pulled over for not making a complete stop. He asked for her driver’s license. She said he told her to step out of the car so she did. She said the officer searched her car for a few minutes but he didn’t find anything illegal. She said that the officer asked, “Have you been drinking?” She doesn’t remember what she answered. She then claims the officer told her to pull down her pants. Regina said she pulled her pants and panties down. Then stated the officer said, “It sure looks phat down there.” She said the officer told her to pull her pants down. She complied. She said he unfastened his pants. He told her to bend over. She complied.
She stated she he ejaculated. R.C. said the officer drove off and that she walked to her car. She said she drove to her friend’s house to drink alcohol. After she finished drinking she to her brother’s house and slept on his couch.


R.C. admitted to having an alcohol problem since the 80’s. She said she dropped her friend off and then was stopped at the stop sign at Kelham and 15th Street. He asked for ID and he ran a check on her. Then he had her step out of the vehicle so he could check her car. She said he could smell alcohol on her. Claims Daniel said he would take her to detox. Then claims Daniel told her to pull her pants down. Then stated Daniel told her it was “PHAT” down there. Claims Daniel followed her to drop her car off at her relatives about a mile or two away. She claims she parked her car on the side of the street in front of the house on the street. She claims Daniel came behind her and on the side of her car. She claims she got into his vehicle and then he drove down the road and pulled over on the street near where the buses parked.

During trial GPS never put Daniel on the street where her relative’s house was to support her side of the story

Question by Prosecutor: What happened when he stopped there?

Answer: “He told me to get out. I got out. He told me to face inside the car, to pull my pants down again. I pulled my pants down.”

Question by Prosecutor: Why did you do that?

Answer: “Because he was an officer and I was scared and I know that he could hurt me, so I did what he said.”

Question by Prosecutor: Are you standing just right there in the spot where the door is open or have you moved away from the car?

Answer: “I was like my feet were outside the car. And I was bent over and that’s when he started to have sex with me from the back.”

Question by Prosecutor: Okay. About how long did that last?

Answer: “For about five or ten minutes”

Question by Prosecutor: Do you know if he ejaculated or not?

Answer: “Yes, I believe he did. I believe he did.”

Question by Prosecutor: After that came to an end what did he do or what did you say or what did he say? Tell me what happened.

Answer: “He let me pull up my pants. He let me go and he pulled off. I went back to my car.”

Question by Prosecutor: Now on State exhibit Number 8 you showed me it was just around the corner (from where the assault occurred to where her relative lives) So did you just walked back to your car that point?

Answer: “I walked back to my car.”

Question by Prosecutor: Okay. Where did you go after you got in your car?

Answer: “I went to my brother’s”

Question by Prosecutor: Okay. When you arrived at your brother’s house, did you say anything to him about what had just happened to you?

Answer: “I didn’t tell him everything that happened, but I asked him a question. I said, does a police officer have the right to ask a woman to pull her clothes down without another officer being there, a woman officer, and he told me he didn’t know.”

Question by Prosecutor: Okay. Why didn’t you tell him the rest of it?

Answer: “Because I was ashamed. I’ve been a victim. I’ve been molested as a child by a minister in my church. I’ve been raped a couple of times. So I was just ashamed and I didn’t want to face the rape. I didn’t want to face it.”


Daniel pulled her over for rolling a stop sign. She said Daniel made her get out of the car, pull down her pants and underwear and she said Daniel made the comment “You look PHAT down there” then claims Daniel told her to get back in her car so she could drop it off at her relatives house and that he would follow her there so he could take her to “detox” but claims before he even took her to “detox” he told her to get out of the police car and she said she knew what he wanted so she turned around, bended over the backseat and she claims he ejaculated inside of her. Then when he finished he just drove off. She said she got back in her car and drove back to her friend’s house to get drunk.


Count 29 – Rape in the First Degree, Guilty 30 Years

Total: 30 Years

“Based on the fact that several of the recorded interviews greatly differed from the written reports, I found it concerning that several of the accusers interviews were allegedly not recorded at all. In some case the detectives claimed all the recorders at the interview (2) failed to work. In other cases detectives testified that even though they went to a suspected victim’s home looking for them, they didn’t expect to find them and therefore didn’t take a recorder.” (PI)

Accuser #8 Testimony
Sherry Ellis, 39 Year Old, Black Female, 5/7/2014
Convicted Felon & Convicted of offering to engage in act of Prostitution


Report & Recorded Phone Conversation: Kim Davis

I told Sherry I had received a “tip” that she might have been sexually assaulted by a police officer.”

Sherry Ellis said the officer was a Black Male

S.E. said the officer was in a Black and White Cop Car (Daniel drove the New All Black Model)

Report: S.E. stated she was walking in the area of N.E. 18th and Highland Drive in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma when the defendant stopped her.

Phone Recording: “Next thing I know he pulled it out, pulled his penis out and put it into my face”


She stated then the officer put her in the back of his patrol car. Then took her to the park.

She said “He took me out and told me to pull my pants down, I bent over and he had sex with me, he had sex and then told me I was free to go, then he let me walk off. ”


She said she was walking down Highland to go to her house and the police stopped her and asked what her name was. Then placed in the back seat of the police car. She said he ran a check on her and found out she had warrants. She claims Daniel searched her. So he told me to turn around towards the police car and put my hands on the police car. Claims Daniel touched her under her shirt then went inside her pants. Then claims she sat back in the backseat. That is when Daniel exposed his penis and allegedly made her perform oral sex.

Question by Prosecutor: Okay. What did you think you had to do?

Answer: “Because he had put it in my mouth, put it in my mouth.”

Question by Prosecutor: If you didn’t do that, what did you think was going to happen to you?

Answer: “Should have went to jail.”

She said then Daniel transported her to another location.

Question by Prosecutor: Okay. Whenever he drove you to that location, ma’am, can you tell me a little bit about what happened next, please? What did he do?

Answer: “When I got to the side of the building h told me — he opened the door and told me to get out. When he told me to get out he told me to pull my pants down and he — he stuck it in”

Question by Prosecutor: And he was behind you and you yourself actually pulled your pants down, is that what I understand?

Answer: “Yes. He told me to pull my pants down.”

Question by Prosecutor: About how long did that last ma’am?

Answer: “Maybe five or ten minutes.”

Question by Prosecutor: Okay. When he stopped did you say anything to him or did he say anything to you?

Answer: “No. He said, that I was free to go.”

Question by Prosecutor: Did he leave at that point?

Answer: “I left. I took off walking.”

Question by Prosecutor: Do you remember telling Detective Davis what was you thought the man was?

Answer: “Yes. I thought he was black.”

Question by Prosecutor: Or let me ask this, do you think he’s black or do you know?

Answer: “I don’t know”

Question by Prosecutor: Okay. Why did you think he was black whenever you told Detective Davis?

Answer: “Because it was dark — and it was dark and he looked like a darker — his skin was dark tone”

Question by Prosecutor: Have you had a chance to see everybody that’s in this room, to look at them? I know you’ve been looking at me, but I want you to take a minute and I want you to look around and see if anybody in this room resembles the person that you think did that. Okay. And you can stand up if you need to, just whatever. Just can you see everyone in the room. Does anybody look familiar to you, ma’am?

Answer: “I don’t know”.

Testified it was a Black male and could not point him out in the courtroom.


“Victim” #8 testified:

Does not recall if the penis was erect or not while she performed oral sex and also claims she did not report the “10 minute rape” because she would have TWO male Sperm DNA inside of her since she said she was cheating on her boyfriend with another guy.


Count 10 – Forcible Oral Sodomy, Guilty 16 Years
Count 11- Rape in the First Degree, Guilty 30 Years
Count 33 – Sexual Battery, Guilty 8 Years
Count 34 – Sexual Battery, Guilty 8 Years

Total: 62 Years

Accuser #9 Testimony
T.M., 44 Year Old, Black Female. May 8th, 2014
Convicted Felon


On May 24, 2014 Morris was high and in a heated domestic dispute near a gas station on NE 23rd. street by the Capitol. When police arrived she claimed she had been sexually assaulted by an OKC Police officer on May 8th.

Apparently police did not take her allegations very seriously because the Sex Crimes detective on duty refused to respond to the scene. However, a report was taken and I believe a supervisor did respond.

The woman did not provide much information, was not very cooperative and expressed she didn’t want to press charges or cooperate in the investigation.

Based on that, detectives had virtually nothing to go on. It appears they pulled AVL for the area she said the pickup and assault occurred and they couldn’t match it to any officer.

On June 3, 2014 detectives approached Morris for more info. Morris refused to cooperate. Morris also signed a refusal to prosecute form.

On June 24, 2014 she was contacted again by Det Rocky Gregory. Morris claimed she was walking to the City Rescue when a police officer approached her, took her nearby and raped her. She said the officer was driving an older model patrol car (It was established in court that Daniel had been issued a newer style patrol car). She was then shown a photo lineup that apparently consisted of some officers that had had contact with her around the time she claims she was assaulted. Daniel was one of those officers and was now the focus of an investigation because of the Ligons assault. Morris picked out a different officer as her most likely attacker. Morris again told the City Rescue story. Det. Gregory also during this meeting asks Morris if by chance she was mistaken about where she ran into the officer and if possibly it happened across town at Liberty Station Apartments and if the officer stopped her about drugs. Det. Gregory had most likely already seen where Daniel had indeed had contact with Morris at Liberty Station and the defense suspected Det. Gregory was planting this information in Morris’ head so she could make her story conform to their suspicions of Daniel.

On July 10, 2014 Morris is approached again by Det. Rocky Gregory. This time Morris is in jail. Morris for the 1st time now claims she lied when she said the assault happened by the City Rescue. Morris now claims that the location was Liberty Station Apartments and that Daniel stopped her about drugs.

The information also creates reasonable doubt that Morris was being truthful about being assaulted.


Said she was coming out of the Liberty Station Apartments when the officer made contact with her. He searched her pure. He found her crack pipe. Had her sit in his back of the patrol car while he ran her for warrants.

Question by Prosecutor: Did you have underwear on?

Answer: “No. No, ma’am”.

Question by Prosecutor: Okay. Did you open up your pants for him?

Answer: “Yes, ma’am.”

Question by Prosecutor: How did you open up your pants?

Answer: “I unbuttoned them, unzipped them.”

Question by Prosecutor: Okay. What happened after you did that?

Answer: “Then he kind of just — he kind of looked, then he told me to raise my shirt up.”

Question by Prosecutor: What happened next after you raised your shirt up?

Answer: “Then he said — asked me to give him some head and I had my head turned, and I turned around, and his private was right here in my face, and he said, two sucks, just two times or something he said, just come on, two times.”

Question by Prosecutor: Did you see him take his penis out of his pants?

Answer: “No, it was already out when I turned my head and looked back.”


First claimed Daniel picked her up from downtown Mission Rescue but admitted she lied to the detectives because she didn’t want her boyfriend to know she was using drugs at Liberty Station (Drug apartments).

So her “honest” story to the detective she claims Daniel picked her up from Liberty Station to take her to her Uncle’s house in which Daniel pulled over and made her perform Oral Sex but before she did, he put a condom on.

During the interviews with Detective Gregory or in the Preliminary hearing she never stated Daniel wearing a condom but during her testimony in trial she stated he put a condom on before she performed Oral Sex.


Count 12 – Forcible Oral Sodomy, Not Guilty

Accuser #10 Testimony
Syrita Bowen, 48 Year old , Black Female, 5/21/2014



Brought her attorney to Preliminary Hearing

Syrita claims she was walking on 16th and Highland when Daniel approached her in his police vehicle asking “What I was doing, where was I coming from.”
Claims Daniel took her to an area called Dead Man’s Curve. Claims she told her whole neighborhood after the alleged incident. No Reports were made.

Question by Prosecutor: And did you stay in the backseat or did you get out at this point?

Answer: “I was in the backseat. He got out. He opened the back door. He unzipped his pants he pulled his penis out, I gave him head. He told me to step out. stepped out, I turned around, bent over and thats when he, well”

Question by Prosecutor: And I think you were fixing to tell me that he told you to get out of the police car?

Answer: “Yes. And I stepped out and he said turn around. I turned around. That’s when he unbuckled his pants and I bent over and that’s when he”

Question by Prosecutor: You bent over on the police car?

Answer: “Uh-huh, in the backseat”

Question by Prosecutor: And – did your clothes change in any way once you bent over on the police car?

Answer: “Well, I pulled my pants down.”

Question by Prosecutor: You pulled your pants down?

Answer: “Yeah.”

Question by Prosecutor: Or did he pull your pants down?

Answer: No, I pulled them down.

Question by Prosecutor: How long did that last, Ms. Bowne?

Answer: “Six minutes, no, I’m stupid. Not long”

Question by Prosecutor: Not long. A minute?

Answer: “Yeah.”

Question by Prosecutor: Okay. Did he ejaculate that time?

Answer: “uh-huh”

Question by Prosecutor: And then what happened?

Answer: “I sat back in the backseat, closed the door. He pulled up to 13th and Highland and he said, do you know where you are? And I said, “Yes, I do.” He said, well, I’m about — its about time for me to get off duty. He said, can you make it from here? I said, “Yes, I can.” He got out the car, he opened the back door and he let me out and he said, I’ll see you again.”


Walked out on stand and she was clearly high, Scott Adams objected immediately. DA, our attorney and Judge discussed for about ten minutes, judge allowed for #10 to testify.

Between her laughing hysterically and her crying, she said when Daniel told her to perform oral sex, she said to the prosecutor “Am I being punked?”

1) Her attorney came out first on stand and said he has a lawsuit for $150,000 (Later that evening Lawyer Coleman stated he will no longer represent his client due to her actions on stand)


Count 27 – Forcible Oral Sodomy, Guilty 16 Years
Count 28 – Rape in the First Degree, Guilty 30 Years

Total: 46 Years

Accuser #11 Testimony
C.J., 52 year old, Black Female, Alleged Assault Date 5/26/14


Approached C.J. stating she had a “tip” that she was sexually assaulted by an Oklahoma City Police Officer.

C.J. stated she was walking in the area of N.E. 16th and Jordan Street in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma when she was stopped by the above named defendant. She stated when the office searched her he was standing behind her. He fondled her breasts on the outside of her clothing. She said she did not have a bra on the night of the incident. He put his hands down the front of her pants and panties and put his fingers on her vagina and touched her clitoris.


Claims he touched her breasts under her bra.

Question by Scott Adams: So they told you that any female that Officer Holtzclaw came in contact with they were going to them and telling them that they had a tip that they had been sexually assaulted?
Answer: “Well, pretty much, yes.”

Question by Scott Adams:Do you recall telling Detective Davis that you had no bra on the night this occurred?
Answer: “Okay. I’m not sure. I can’t remember. That’s something I’m trying to remember. I’m not for sure exactly if I had a bra on or not. But come to think about it, I believe I may not have.”


She stated during preliminary that Daniel had touched her breast, skin to skin and she had a bra on. Today she testified it was over her shirt and she didn’t have a bra on. She also claims she called her boyfriend/roommate and left a voicemail of the assault right after it happens but then…… He deletes it. (Why would he delete a critical message if it really existed?!)

7 time convicted felon


Count 13 – Sexual Battery, Guilty 8 Years
Count 14 – Sexual Battery, Guilty 8 Years

Total: 16 Years

Accuser #12 Testimony
K.L. Black Female, Incident June 18th, 2014 (Assault right before Accuser #1 Jannie Ligons)



Currently on probation. She missed her August Probation meeting to check in. She stated she saw something on television about Officer Holtzclaw Mid September and it was then that she reported she was “Sexually Assaulted” to her probation officer. (One month after her missed probation meeting.

Her probation officer then called detectives.

She said the night of the assault she was had gotten into a fight with her boyfriend and decided to take a walk to cool off. She was currently staying week to week with her boyfriend at a hotel. She claims she was walking down 16th and Lottie when Officer Holtzclaw stopped her. He had turned on his lights.
Claims she was talking on the phone with her boyfriend but had to hang up the phone since he was going to run her name.

Question by Prosecutor: Okay. What happened next?

Answer: “After that he ran my name and asked me whether I wanted a ride, where I was going and I said No. No, thank you. But he gave me a ride halfway where I was going anyway.”

Question by Prosecutor: Okay Why didn’t you want to get a ride from a police officer?

Answer: “Because of the area where I’m staying at I don’t want to seem like I was a snitch”

Claims she was taken to another location near the field with buildings. She claims Daniel asked her if she had anything in her shirt. Then claims she shooked her bra and exposed her breasts and pulled her pants and underwear down exposing her vagina. She then claims Daniel said “I bet that pussy is wet”. This all happened while she was sitting in the backseat of his patrol car. Claims while she was in the backseat Daniel made her perform oral sex. Claims he just pulled it out of his zipper.

Question by Prosecutor: About how long did that take? I’m sorry. How long did that last?

Answer: “I can’t remember.”

Question by Prosecutor: Okay. Do you know if he ejaculated? Did he come?

Answer: “I don’t think so.”

Question by Prosecutor: Okay. After that happened, what happened next, ma’am?

Answer: “After that, he made me bend over and”

Question by Prosecutor: Did he have sex with you?

Answer: “Yes.”

Question by Prosecutor: Do you know how long that lasted, ma’am? Do you have any idea?

Answer: “Probably like 10 minutes, if that.”

Question by Prosecutor: Did you and he separate at that point or how, did he leave or what happened?

Answer: “I walked from where I was. I walked all the way back home.”

Question by Prosecutor: Did you have the occasion to tell anybody about it?

Answer: “Just my boyfriend. He told me to call 911.”

No 911 calls were made


She stated she was raped for “25-30” minutes. She interviewed during preliminary she had a dress on. Today during trial she stated she had a shirt and jeans on. She does not recall if the oral sex happened before or after the “25-30” minute rape then claimed the oral sex happened before and after “back and forth”.

She also claimed during preliminary hearing Daniel unzipped his pants and pulled them down to his knees, TODAY she said he pulled it out of the zipper.

“Accuser Lyles was told the same thing (we think you were sexually assaulted by a police officer you recently came into contact with). Lyles claimed that an officer who had pulled her over and written her tickets later stopped her and raped her. She testified in court that she was 100% certain she was raped by the officer who wrote her those tickets. Police records clearly showed Daniel was not the officer who wrote her the tickets previously.” (PI)


Count 17 – Forcible Oral Sodomy, Not Guilty
Count 18 – Procuring Lewd Exhibition, Not Guilty
Count 19 – Procuring Lewd Exhibition, Not Guilty
Count 20 – Rape in the First Degree, Not Guilty

Accuser #13 Testimony
A.G., 17 Years old, June 17th, 2014, Alleged incident happened on Mother’s porch


A.G. mother’s interview with Kim Davis:

Stated that A.G. (her daughter) told her that she met “this really hot cop.” She also stated she received a phone call from the police officer on her cell and the officer identified himself as a police officer.


Accuser #13 claims Daniel searched her purse and then pat searched her touching her breasts then claims he put his finger in her vagina. A.G. claims she bent over and he took his penis out of the zipper.

Question by Prosecutor: Do you remember if he said anything to you during this?

Answer: “He was saying a lot of things.”

Question by Prosecutor: Tell me what you remember him saying to you.

Answer: “This is the first time you ever fucked a cop. You like it, am I beating it up.”

Question by Prosecutor: How long did it last?

Answer: “I don’t even remember how long it lasted. But it wasn’t like a really long time. Probably like no longer than 10 minutes.”

Question by Prosecutor: Okay. Why did he stop or how did he stop or do you know?

Answer: “He just stopped suddenly and he pulled out and I just like pulled my shorts back up and stuff. And he said, like I might be back to see you later.”

Question by Prosecutor: What did you do?

Answer: “I stood there for a minute and I tried to get in my house and I still couldn’t, so I walked around a little bit, like up and down the street and then I walked to my neighbor’s house. He’s not my neighbor, but he lives a few houses down and I asked him to let me in my house because he could open the door with a card better than I could.”

Question by Prosecutor: Did you tell him about what happened?

Answer: “Not at the time.”


Question by Scott Adams: Now back in in June of ’14, after you say this even happened with Officer Holtzclaw you would agree with me your mother would agree with me your mother gets home about three or four hours after your contact with Officer Holtzclaw?

Answer: “She gets home late at night.”

Question by Scott Adams: And you didn’t tell her about any of these events?

Answer: “No, I did not at the time.”

Question by Scott Adams: “Well, in fact, all you told her is that you met a hot cop?

Answer: “No. I never said that.”


Judge had asked several times to not interrupt Scott while he cross examined. Judge had to tell her not cut him off when he speaks either.

She was with her friends named “Face” and “Chocolate” when Daniel was called out on dispatch to their location for a domestic fight. She said she separated ways from “Face” and “”Chocolate” and was later approached by Daniel. She claims Daniel took to her drop her off at the moms house. She claims Daniel raped her on her mom’s front porch for “ten minutes” while she bent over on a chair. She said Daniel left.

She then claims she walked over to her neighbors house (Does not tell him of the alleged assault) then she said she “went out for the night”. Didn’t report to anyone of the assault.

When asked of the lawsuit she filed, she claims she doesn’t know about the lawsuit, Scott Adams then asked her “So you didn’t check in on Facebook that were you at the attorney’s office”. She then miraculously remembers going to the lawyers office.

Also claims she has been raped 6 times previously but never reported any of the assaults.

“While the DNA most likely most heavily favored Gardner’s testimony, it is still very concerning to me that she only came forward after detectives contacted her mother and told her they thought she was a victim of a police officer she had recently come into contact with. Gardner’s mother admitted that based on the detectives comments she then looked the case up online and sent a photo of Daniel to her daughter (who was living in another state). She also told police that her daughter described Daniel as a ‘Hot Cop’ on the night of the sexual assault and that her daughter never told her anything inappropriate had happened.” (PI)


Count 30 – Sexual Battery, Guilty 8 Years
Count 31 – Rape in the Second Degree By Instrumentation, Guilty 12 Years
Count 32 – Rape in the First Degree, Guilty 30 Years

Total: 50 Years

Location of Alleged Assaults

Dates of Alleged Assaults

1)  December 20th, 2013
2)  February 27th, 2014
3)  March 14th, 2014
4)  April 14th, 2014
5)  April 24th, 2014
6)  April 25th, 2014
7)  May 7th, 2014
8)  May 8th, 2014
9)  May 21st, 2014
10) May 26th, 2014
11) June 17th, 2014  (All on the same shift in a 6 hour time frame)
12) June 18th, 2014  (All on the same shift in a 6 hour time frame)
13) June 18th, 2014  (All on the same shift in a 6 hour time frame)

Investigation started on June 18th



An Oklahoma City woman has been charged for making a false report of sexual assault against embattled police officer Daniel Holtzclaw.

The DA charged 26-year-old Sheneice Barksdale with one felony count of False Report of a Crime Committed after looking into a report she gave police back in late August 2014.

In that report, Barksdale alleged that she encountered Holtzclaw in March 2014. Investigators became suspicious after Barksdale’s description of Holtzclaw differed greatly from his actual height and weight.

A check of Holtzclaw’s GPS location the day of the alleged assault also revealed he was never in the area Barksdale claimed.

After being confronted with the evidence, Barksdale admitted to police that she made up the story. She told police she saw news coverage of Holtzclaw’s alleged assault of other women and made up her story to “help” the case.

Read the False Report

Daniel Holtzclaw was placed on Administrative Leave TWO Months ago on 6/18/2014, which entails NO POLICE VEHICLE or UNIFORM. Yet, Shakara Walker on 8/22/2014 said she was a victim and “HER INCIDENT” HAPPENED LAST WEEK.


Watch the video for yourself: Video of Shakara Walker

Daniel Holtzclaw